Principal Contributor to Adam Smith Wins Bomber Contract

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This morning’s news illustrates the issues facing a congressman who is from Seattle, gets appointed to an elite job on a congressional committee but then the government decides against the Seattle company’s  interest.        That Congressman, Adam Smith, represents the new “people of color: district, CD 9, but his most important  job is as the ranking  member of the house defense committee. As a result, the man who purports to carry out Pramilla Jayapal’s  heritage of electing a representative for out low income immigrants, recives the largest part of his poltical funding form Boeing rival Grumman. 

David Brewster
Bad news for Boeing. Its appeal of the award of a bomber contract to Northrop, lower than Boeing’s bid, is flatly rejected by the reviewing agency. The review managed to pry out some facts about the B-21: $556 million per plane.
Northrop Grumman Corp.’s winning bid to develop and build the U.S. Air Force’s new $80 billion bomber held “significant structural advantages” over the competing…

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