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Watch Megyn Kelly take down Newt Gingrich!

If you’ve heard of this now-famous video, but haven’t seen it yet, here it is![...]

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The Trump effect…..A Sedate Race in Seattle Gets Husterial

Mike James I scribbled here before that of the two outstanding congressional candidates in the 7th, I’m voting Brady Walkinshaw as the better fit in a divisive political time where we could use a few bridge builders. I’d say the reaction – see Westneat below – to a Walkinshaw[...]

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Principal Contributor to Adam Smith Wins Bomber Contract

David Brewster Bad news for Boeing. Its appeal of the award of a bomber contract to Northrop, lower than Boeing’s bid, is flatly rejected by the reviewing agency. The review managed to pry out some facts about the B-21: $556 million per plane. Northrop’s $80 Billion Bomber Win Spelled Out in[...]

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UW Gets Amazing Gift From Bill and Melinda Gates

$210M from Gates Foundation toward bold goal of improving world’s health[...]

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Trump: The Constitution Isn’t Always Relevant

Donald Trump told Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” that his ban on immigration from countries with high instances of terror is more important than any constitutional issues the policy may raise. Stahl asked Trump whether his initial proposal to restrict Muslim immigrants ran afoul of the Constituti[...]

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Imperial China’s Claims on Siberia

Why China will “reclaim” Siberia Expanded China-Siberia map showing possible claims China might make China has made no secret that it will one day enforce its claims on much of Eastern Russia, which it sees as rightfully belonging to China.  With Russia fast becoming the weaker partner in the a[...]

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Dan Savage Endorses Brady Walkinshaw

“Jayapal will no doubt condemn Walkinshaw for going negative—she’ll go negative on him for going negative on her—but responding to the actual facts will be more difficult. Because it’s a fact that Jayapal skipped more votes than 95% of her colleagues; it’s fact that Fisca[...]