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THE AVE Trolls, Updated

Hmmm, lately we have been getting trolls in the comments threads, A bunch have come from St. Petersberg : Interestingly, none come from the IP addresses near William Quick, my brother  in law.  We used to get a bunch of these until I had some security[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Mrs. Trump Plagiarizes from Michelle O, Trump Campaign blames it on Michelle Obama.

And here’s the section of Melania’s Trump’s speech where she borrows heavily from the highlighted text: NPR carried the original text of Obama’s speech. Th READMORE Or read about the Donald’s book .. by its author. [...]

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Lincoln is BAAACK!!!!

No Longer Rolling in His Grave Sighted on an airplane flying from Springfield,IL to Cleveland, OH, the President admitted that he was indeed back. Later, at a press conference at Reagan International airport, Mr.Lincoln said he had always been awarded the honorary status of an uncommitted delegate b[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Tom Corbet lands his rocket at Cape Canaveral

Return to the Future:[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Oh Oh .. White Elevators Show Up at RNC.

Neither RNC organizers nor Trump’s campaign immediately responded to the Daily News’ request for further comment. Earlier this year, David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, backed the real estate mogul, telling his white, bigoted followers that not voting for Trump [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

  A. Mosquito heart B. North Korean nuclear site C. Philippino earthquake D. DNA replication E. Pond water  [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Shots heard in Issaquah

Sue Lani W. Madsen FACEBOOK Was on the phone with Craig while I was driving home just after 10pm when he said, “Somebody’s shooting off fireworks” and the line went dead. Got home and the Issaquah Highlands FB group confirmed my fears – the goats have stampeded. Please pray [...]

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Caitlyn Jenner Speaks at the RNC

After being turned down as Trump’s vice president, Caitlyn Jenner has agreed to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention. It’s clear that she sees this as a way to show the LGBT community how much the GOP platform is in support of their rights. Reince Priebus was asked bou[...]

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Brexit, Frexit,Uscit and we all fall down.

David Brewster True, Samuel Huntington has fallen out of favor as a political scientist, but he seems to have foreseen the current retreat from cosmopolitan globalism pretty well. Here’s an appreciation of his final book dating to 2004. Summing up: “The point is not to kick international[...]