BREAKING NEWS: Shots heard in Issaquah

!1Sue Lani W. Madsen FACEBOOK
Was on the phone with Craig while I was driving home just after 10pm when he said, “Somebody’s shooting off fireworks” and the line went dead. Got home and the Issaquah Highlands FB group confirmed my fears – the goats have stampeded. Please pray for him as he works to round up 250 goats and a livestock guardian dog in the dark. And if you live in the Highlands and know who did this, call the police.

UPDATE: Craig just called (11:35pm). He has successfully rounded up 250 frightened goats and one LGD (Gigi the guard dog) in the dark and they are all back in a pen. It was deliberate sabotage. The energizer had been turned off and joints between sections of netting were disconnected. The fireworks were a deliberate action to spook the goats, who had bedded down for the night. Craig heard a car leaving as he ran to Central Park.

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