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November 24th, 2019 - 10:20 am § in Hypocrisy

Is Mike A Troll?

I DON’T THINK SO, But .. Over on Facebook I have this FB friend who I think is a real person.  I think Mike is a real person because my wife and I had the real pleasure of meeting Mike for dinner.  He seems real! But, on FB he comes across as a troll.  The […][...]

July 18th, 2016 - 11:08 pm § in Misc.

THE AVE Trolls, Updated

Hmmm, lately we have been getting trolls in the comments threads, A bunch have come from St. Petersberg : Interestingly, none come from the IP addresses near William Quick, my brother  in law.  We used to get a bunch of these until I had some security[...]

February 8th, 2016 - 2:39 pm § in Misc.

William Quick Calls Attention To A Lede On TA

Bill Quick is the brother in law who has been a frequent troll on this site. He even created a website named Steveshits and used that to claim my father plagiarized the pictures.  That site, unlike TA, never allowed comments. STEVESHITS was  put on the wevb twice, then was taken down.   Bill eve[...]

July 24th, 2015 - 9:51 am § in Misc.

UPDATE: William Quick on Copyright Law

UPDATE:  The comments thread from this post of 23 July, have gotten long enough that I decided to update it.  Anyone interested in the trolling of William Quick or the sock puppets he seems to have  used, may wish to read the comments.   William Quick, a frequent troll here on TA, has begun se[...]

January 2nd, 2014 - 3:22 pm § in Schools & Colleges, The Ave Scene

Full disclosure: Bob Raymond and UW’s Freedom of Information Act

WILL “Bob Raymond” Fess Up? About three weeks ago I made a Freedom of information request about a complaint issued against THE Ave by a person or persons supposedly upset that we used a “W” and a husky (not the UW husky in our logo. My concern was not the logo. As any reader [...]

December 19th, 2013 - 10:40 am § in Hypocrisy

A Troll Leaves: Now we wonder .. who was that masked man?

The troll Bob Raymond has left a comment that he is no longer going to comment here. I do not know why “Bob”  left, however it may have to do with an ongoing investigation of who has hacked this site and my UW listserv.  It may also have to do with an inquiry I made […][...]

December 17th, 2013 - 12:43 pm § in The Ave Scene

I did not even know the West Coast had an Avenger!

Reassuring the Trolls A commentator who frequently sends me emails was upset that story I wrote recently featured a character I called “The Great Avenger.”  Apparently he had an ancestor who used that name! This made me wonder how many folks have used Avenger as a  nicknames?  I did a[...]

October 27th, 2012 - 11:04 am § in Uncategorized

DEAR WOOKIE: Why I will reluctanly vote for gay marriage.

This is a letter to a straight friend who wants me to vote for Referendum 74 .. the gay marriage law.     Dear Wookie. I intend to vote for Referendum 74 but I will do so with great reluctance. “Marriage” has a very deeply felt meaning to millions of people. The term is bound [[...]

August 3rd, 2011 - 10:45 am § in America, Hypocrisy, Politics

BREAKING NEWS: Four Folks Running for the First and one Troll

Seattle PI: Rep. Marko Liias running for Congress Dennis Kucinich will speak this Thursday  at the annual convention of the Washington State Labor Council.  Kucinich is looking at running here because he is likely to lose his seat as the Buckeye State downsizes by two congressional districts. Kuci[...]