Hillary’s Real Problem: Turning Competence Into Passion

Laura RuddermanLaura Ruderman FACEBOOK 
 Let me say at the outset that i am NOT a Bernie or Bust person. I will vote for Hillary in the general election if she is the Democratic nominee, which she most certainly will be. That said, I think this clip perfectly encapsulates what we see going on in politics today – on the one side, the well crafted talking point, perfectly content-free so as to create a general response to any specific criticism (in this case expertly paired with the perfectly neutral expressionless face) vs. passion and authenticity with specific grievances and grounded in values.

I hate the criticism of Hillary as untrustworthy, but I understand it. I understand that she is scrupulously accurate with her facts. But, at least the appearance of the political expediency drives me nuts. What is the story with the free trade agreement cited below? Ms Sussman would have done Hillary a bigger favor by addressing that then glossing over it. Because it perpetuates for me the feeling that Hillary, who I think really used to have passions and principles and values, will compromise all of those to get elected. And that she will then compromise them further in the name of “getting things done”. But getting what things done? Things that move us forward, or further to the right (at least in terms of economic policy – I think she is solid on abortion, not sure about LGBTQI stuff).

I once watched Sharon Santos and Kip Tokuda kill a bill that they had worked their hearts and souls out for because the Republicans had negotiated away the substance of the bill. They were unwilling to pass bad/meaningless legislation just to say they had gotten “something” done. I hope when Hillary is elected president she also “knows when to fold ’em”. Otherwise, I think we keep seeing our country get pushed further and further to the right.



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