On Buchenwald and Hypocrisy by Bill Quick

Bill Quick ico Puerto RicoBill Quick on Buchenwald

I have asked Stephen Schwartz to remove this vile and hate-filled commentary from his website but instead he adds additional lies and invective.

Sorry to have to post this on my Facebook page, but I’ve simply had it with my babbling and bothersome brother-in-law. If perchance you got here from any of his recent extraordinarily nasty postings about me that he’s written at several places throughout Facebook, please understand that he is a prevaricating, despicable, and hate-filled old man, who instituted and has recently lost a court case where he sued my wife and his brother & niece. If you choose to believe anything he says (either about me, South Carolina — he thinks there is a bridge that connects North Charleston to Charleston!, his sibs, or the rationale for the court case and/or why the judge threw it out), methinks you should also believe everything said by Flip-Flop Thump.

SMS: I suggest any reader who is interest go to the post.   Anyone interested in Bill’s idea of my vile and hate filled commentary about Bill’s home state, should look at today’s post. 

I receive emails, sometime is the hundreds  from  Bill.   These messages  are full of foul language or efforts to threaten me or my family.  He has carried through on some threats, including efforts to get my university to fire me and absurd claims that I have faked my cv.   This got so bad that I finally resorted to posting his emails on the web, as I have done with this posting and its comments.  

Perry Masin loaded questionRather than respond personally, I add them  to the  comments threads and respond there. Bill gets very upset by this, making more threats, even claiming legal action because (accorfing to him) I do not have the legal right to punish emails sent to me.  

Often Bill acts as if he is a television attorney, asking loaded questions he thinks will get me into legal trouble.  As an example, because the actions he has been involved in have cost all the heirs, including his wife, hundreds of thousandths of dollars, I have urged that he and his wife consult an attorney.  His response, as in one of the comments on this post, is to ask me whether I am threatening him.

Even  my attorneys have been subject to these attacks from Bill, his wife, Hugh (my brother) and Janet Linn .. my brother’s wife and an attorney who acts like a legal thug.   Over a few days my attorneys have gotten deluges of emails, apparently intended only to create legal bills for me.  These threats go so far as to warn about legal actions against the attorneys.

If I try to suggest Bill get a real attorney, rather than pretending  he is Perry Mason, I get the kind of emails I have copied to the comments here.

Posting Bill’s emails as comments usually works.  Faced with pubic disclosure, the embarrassment .. or perhaps advice form some attorney .. seems to stop the deluge. 

Meanwhile, we are still in court trying to salvage the Buchenwald materials from the threats my brother has made to destroy them. 


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  1. theaveeditor #

    From an emial sent (inter alia) to me, my choildren, my attorney, and the attorney for the state.

    You have not had the courtesy of responding to my e-mail, below, although you had plenty of time last evening to post other comments on Facebook, including one that clearly indicated you had read my e-mail.
    I would appreciate a clarification, via e-mail, as to what you meant when you claimed “That [destruction of the materials] is something you are responsible for” and then stated “You need an attorney.”
    Thank you.

  2. theaveeditor #

    from Bill Quick (inter alia) .. NOTE:Bill has been told many times that unsolicited emails from hm will be posted to TA. He has also been informed many time by my attorney that he, Bill, is not a party to the case and that emails form Bill will be ignored.
    My children have alsop repeatedly asked Bill to sop sending them email.

    The content of this email (below) illustrates quite well Bill’s need for an attorney.

    Bill was in the courtroom and seems not to have the skills to follow the discussion. The only attorneys there in opposition were the estate attorney and Bill’s sister in law, Janet Linn. Janet Linn is my brother’s wife and is appearing under the claim that she represents their underage daughter. The claim make no sense since their duaghter has no property rights to the materials in dispute.

    Ms. Linn is a corporate attorney who, though not a member of the Mass. Bar and not qualified in this type of law , has been appearing in court seemingly representing Bill’s wife as well as Janet’s and my brother’s underage daughter. In the same cspacity Ms. Linn has undertaken legal negotiations on the part of the estate, the owners of the Buchenwald materials, and has drafted a contract for use in Massachusetts.

    In the meantime, it seems certain at this point that irreparable damage has been done to these fragile materials and the estate is no longer even willing to stipulate that the materials still exist or where they are.

    As I commented before, Bill needs an attorney representing his own and his wife’s interests.

    Bill’s email:


    Please do not post the following on-line. It is only for you and our families and the attorneys in the court case you lost.

    You still have not replied by e-mail to my question, below, but you have had time to trash me and my family and my religious affiliation and residence on Facebook… What’s wrong with you? Have you absolutely no decency? Or is your brain so addled that you have forgotten how to apologize?

    Your most recent bizarre and erroneous nastiness at FB:

    This post is an update of a discussion with my brother in law, Bill Quick.
    Bill is a non Jew [not true] married to my sister. He is what I call a condescending liberal ..a person who mouths admiration for Martin Luther King while doing nothing in his own community to address the horrible racism of South Carolina [not true]. He barely mouthed a peep when an African American man weas shot in ther back by a cop in Bill’s ohme toen [not true].
    Quick’s attitude toward Jews is similar, celebrating our holidays [mine, too] while contributing to the destruction [no one’s destroying it] of my Dad’s heritage form Buchenwald.
    when condescending liberals of Charleston , [can’t you finish your thoughts before spreading them on the Internet?]
    I do not visit Charleston. I can not imagine driving across a bridge like this [Are you talking about “The Sweetgrass Skyway,” the proposed rename for the bridge?] without feeling shame.
    And you had time to post my e-mail on your blog, together with more of your babbling, at
    Please apologize for your totally uncalled-for postings and comments — and promptly take them down.

  3. theaveeditor #

    Another email form Bill Quick

    Please do not post the following on-line. It is only for you and our families and the attorneys in the court case you lost.

    You have again proven totally untrustworthy.
    1) I asked you not to post my e-mail, but again you did, at
    2) I have repeatedly asked you to respond by e-mail yet you have not done so. You have not given any reason for your failure to do so.
    3) I have repeatedly asked you to take down the scurrilous postings and Facebook comments, yet you have not done so. You have not given any reason for your failure to do so.
    You wonder why your sibs don’t trust you? You have just demonstrated why.


    Bill, you have been informed many times that I will, at my discretion post your emails to TA. You also know that I do this as a way of limiting your ability to harass me.

    In regard to any content on TA, you are free to respond using the comment threads. You can do the same using FaceBook.

    Sending emails to the attorneys and to my children is simple, plain harassment.

    I do note that you have aslo used FaceBook to state that I am lying about my Dad’s history in WWII.

    Among my FB friends who read your derogatory posts are,as it turns out, experts in Holocaust history. These FB friends have messaged me and we have talked. They used their expertise and found my claims were supported by the historical record.

    Frankly, if it were not for your joint efforts to destroy the materials, any expert, survivor, or interested party would be fully able to see the materials and and comment.

    Perhaps you might explain why, if I am wrong, you want the materials destroyed?