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Breaking News: Lena Horne Passes ON

Legendary singer and actress Lena Horne dies at 92 NEW YORK (AP) – Horne, whose striking beauty and magnetic sex appeal often overshadowed her sultry voice, was remarkably candid about the underlying reason for her success… THEGRIO.COM[...]

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Is Bernie a Hypocrite?

Sanders asks for extension on financial disclosure forms By Ben Kamisar &nbsp Greg Nash Democratic presidential candidate Bernie SandersBernie SandersSanders: ‘You can’t keep track’ of the wars GOP would start Overnight Healthcare: FDA unveils long-awaited tobacco rule The Trail 2016:[...]

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Happy Confederate Memorial Day: South Carolina’s Celebration of Whiter Man’s Burden

“the black man’s friend” On This Day South Carolina Celebrates the Death of Stonewall Jackson. Jackson neither apologized for nor spoke in favor of the practice of slavery. He probably opposed the institution. Yet in his mind the Creator had sanctioned slavery, and man had no moral[...]

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How American Politics Works

Budweiser rebrands as ‘America’ in lead-up to US election Beer cans and bottles will be renamed ‘America’ until November, with lyrics to Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land also appearing THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY SAM THIELMAN[...]

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Hillary’s Real Problem: Turning Competence Into Passion

Laura Ruderman FACEBOOK   Let me say at the outset that i am NOT a Bernie or Bust person. I will vote for Hillary in the general election if she is the Democratic nominee, which she most certainly will be. That said, I think this clip perfectly encapsulates what we see going on in politics today [...]

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On Buchenwald and Hypocrisy by Bill Quick

Bill Quick on Buchenwald I have asked Stephen Schwartz to remove this vile and hate-filled commentary from his website but instead he adds additional lies and invective. Sorry to have to post this on my Facebook page, but I’ve simply had it with my babbling and bothersome brother-in-law. If p[...]

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North Korea Signals Turn to the West!

Kim appears in a tie while … North Korea Says It Will Expand Its Nuclear Program and North Korea Expels BBC Journalist Over Coverage Of North Korean Leader[...]

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Campaign Economics .. an honest comment by Robert Reich

 Greg Mankiw, a conservative economist at Harvard, lists (in the article linked through the cartoon) what he considers presidential campaign myths. He’s right about two of them, partly correct about two, and wrong about two. Here are the so-called “myths” Mankiw lists, along with [...]

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Has Obama Failed?

The Obama presidency has been harmed by many things. Some of these are the horrible heritage of a bungled, four trillion dollar war left behind by George Bush and others come from the disgusting racism encouraged by the Republican Party. Beyond all that, however, there is another issue. That issue [...]