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TRUMPISM: If Duterte is the winner, then the Philippines is in truly big s—-!

    Phillipines’ Presumptive President , Duterte, Speaks With a  Trumpian Tenor – filled with curses and gutter language. I am  closely monitoring developments.  The country will be in very deep s— if Duterte is indeed the new President!  And his high poll ratings is an[...]

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Corps of Engineers kills Cherry Point coal terminal

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sided with Northwest tribes Monday in a decision to block the largest proposed bulk-shipping terminal in North America at Cherry Point, finding it detrimental to treaty-protected tribal fishing rights,” the Seattle Times reported this afternoon. (Read story here[...]

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It’s rather ridiculous to name something as phallic as a tunnel boring machine after a woman.

Over at Crosscut, Knute Berger writes abut the role of the Washington State Department of Transportation We have another candidate for a Knowsitall award.  Knute Berger is the self appointed guru of Seattle journalism, a relic actually of the glory days when David Brewster fostered good writing as [...]

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I Need a New Word for This.. what do you call a rational Republican?

Yes, PJ O’Rourke Endorsed Hillary Clinton Today Well, here’s a bit of news that really did surprise me today; on NPR’s show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! conservative writer PJ O’Rourke actually said he’s going to… Share LITTLEGREENFOOTBALLS.COM|BY CHARLES JOHN[...]

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German Version of Trumpism

70% of Germans oppose TTIP, survey says Seventy percent of Germans oppose the TTIP trade treaty, according to a new poll. The news comes after France said it is against signing the deal amid a scandal over leaked documents revealing negotiations between US and European officials. May 6, 2016 13:25[...]

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School changes Muslim student’s name to “Isis” in yearbook

This is Bayan Zehlif’s high school yearbook photo. Zehlif, 17, attends Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The school says it was an inadvertent misidentification with another student who attends the school, and that it’s working to remedy the situation. The Los Angeles[...]

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The Cougars Go For Trump

“Trump was joined on the Spokane Convention Center stage by “surprise guest” Mike Leach, the Washington State University football coach. Leach said he was not representing the university in praising Trump. ” –Seattle Times[...]