School changes Muslim student’s name to “Isis” in yearbook

Ch0EazOVAAAtpArThis is Bayan Zehlif’s high school yearbook photo. Zehlif, 17, attends Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The school says it was an inadvertent misidentification with another student who attends the school, and that it’s working to remedy the situation. The Los Angeles Times says “Isis” was once a popular baby name.  I think the school deserves the benefit of doubt here, but to set it right they need to recall the yearbooks and reprint them at the school’s expense. Meanwhile, stupid adults who assume Muslim kids whose parents named them “Isis” years before anyone ever heard of the Islamic State’s acronym are terrorists should be recalled, too. They’re missing their brains. (Read story here.)

Image: Bayan Zehlif’s yearbook photo

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