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Cross-dressing women raise eyebrows

Arab News: Social media websites have published several videos of masked Saudi girls moving about in men’s attire. The clips showed uncovered women dressed like men attending a wedding, entering stadiums to watch games, or simply walking down the streets in an attempt to break social norms. A [...]

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Portrait of a Moron

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said. “He’s a kids’ show actor — he’s not a scientist.” Technically, she’s correct — she’s not a scientist and Nye isn’t, either. He’s an engineer who became famous as a TV [...]

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Buchenwald 110:  I fear Hugh Schwartz has destroyed this precious heritage. 

Sadly, I know that one day I will read that Rabbi Lau has passed on before I can get my father’s pictures to him. Rabbi Lau was one of the children in the camp when my father arrived.  He is one of about 30 of the children who still survive. Meanwhile my brother and sister are […][...]

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  The last two weeks at the UW have been filled with discussion about racism on the UW campus.  The distress expressed by minority students is well deserved and they are correct that the usual mantra of hiring more administrators and counselor or holding  seminars to discuss the problems is [...]

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James Bond Site Endorses iPAD

Apples iPad Boosts Work, Rest and Play (abstracted) The major James Bond site says the iPad is great for business.   Over a third (35%) of iPad business users use the device when commuting and 40% use it when travelling for business.   Since they bought their tablet, iPad business users are usin[...]