Buchenwald 110:  I fear Hugh Schwartz has destroyed this precious heritage. 

Maie Lua Buchenwals talk Israel

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Sadly, I know that one day I will read that Rabbi Lau has passed on before I can get my father’s pictures to him.

Rabbi Lau was one of the children in the camp when my father arrived.  He is one of about 30 of the children who still survive.

Meanwhile my brother and sister are determined to destroy the pictures rather than fulfill the contract they signed to let the pictures be placed in an academic institution or museum where everyone would have access to them.

Now three years after Hugh Schwartz, my brother,  took  possession of the collection, he has not permitted an inventory or allowed any preservation.  He has even blocked me from seeing them.  Meanwhile, my brother in law, William Quick, posts accusations on FACEBOOK, demeaning me and the story about my father.

Hugh has refused to say that the pictures even still exist. 

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