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  1. Cecil #

    It’s a case of dreamers that failed economics decide to price themselves outta the market, They probably thought they could raise taxes to pay.
    Maybe their pencil was broke that day .

  2. theaveeditor #

    Actually no. The minimum mage works fine. What this says is that democracy is broken.

  3. Chase Evans via Facebook #

    Chase Evans home prices are jumpoing, do to an influx of high income from the tech industry, and low inventory. Being someone who majored in contemporary econ, which include behavioral economics, minimum wage raises incomes significantly more than prices, and helps small businesses by lifting people from buying based on price to buying based in quality in several industries. The losers are corporations who engage in race to the bottom business plans, which includes manufacturers who aren’t very compettive here anyway, and the McDonalds and walmarts of the world.