Bush’s Failed SCOTUS Candidate Castigates Repricans For Blocking Obama’s Nomination

Gonzales’s tenure as U.S. Attorney General under GW Bush was marked by controversy regarding warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens and the legal authorization of use of torture. Following bipartisan calls for his removal, Gonzales resigned from the office “in the best interests of the department.” Democrats were particularly opposed to Gonzales presiding over the firings of several U.S. Attorneys who had refused back-channeled White House directives to prosecute political enemies. Later Gonzales was rumored to a candidate to replace retiring Justice  Sandra Day O’Connor.,  This time, conservative stalwarts, including the all powerful  Focus on the Family,  Based on his perceived support of abortion rights John Roberts won the appointment to the Supreme Court.

Alberto Gonzales: There Is ‘No Question’ Obama Must Fill Scalia’s Supreme Court Vacancy

Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States under President George W. Bush, said on Monday that President Barack Obama had an “obligation” to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. ….  “From my perspective having worked at the White House and the Dept. of Justice, there’s just no question in my mind that as president of the United States, you have an obligation to fill a vacancy.”

“The bottom line from my perspective, is the president has to do his job in nominating a qualified individual and then the Senate does it’s job in assessing whether or not this person is qualified for a lifetime appointment on the court based upon experience, based upon ideology and based upon integrity.”

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