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The POWER To Rule the GOP

Boycott Next GOP Debate After ‘Debacle’ RNC Call GOP frontrunner Donald Trump reportedly threatened to pull out of the next Republican presidential debate on Thursday if his demands for the event aren’t met.[...]

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Fox News expert exposed as a phony

For years, Wayne Simmons has been a fixture on Fox News shows. He promoted himself as an ex-CIA agent, and Fox touted him as a terrorism expert. Simmons is none of those things; he’s an ex-felon who lied about working for the CIA, and was indicted today for obtaining government contracts and s[...]

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No Inflation ..unless you want mustard on it?

Report Mustard prices surge, squeezing producers Mustard prices have jumped this fall to their highest level in seven years as growers in Western Canada, which supplies three-quarters of the world’s traded mustard seed, turn in their smallest crop in nine years, threatening to drive up costs o[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: The Fallacy of Race

 a. Iran, China, Europe b. Italy, Japan, Nigeria c. India, Africa, Italy d. Egypt. Italy, Mexico e. Israel, Sri Lanka, Sweden[...]

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Trump defies musicians’ cease-and-desist letter

Republican candidates have a long and sorry history of “borrowing” popular songs and using them as campaign theme music without seeking permission from the artists or paying royalties. In civilized societies where artistic works enjoy legal protection under intellectual property laws, th[...]

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Listen to Trump’s top political advisor* question Chelsea Clinton at a book-signing event

*Trump fired Roger Stone, the man questioning Chelsea Clinton in this video, in August 2015. But the question remains, why did Trump hire this slimesucker in the first place? He certainly had to be aware of Stone’s history.[...]

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Mr. Charlie:  Who Speaks for Black Seattlites? ?

When we challenge people about their knowledge of our cause we are called Xenophobic or anti-immigrant. Ed.  This came up when Pam Banks questioned the right of Kashama Sawant to  speak for the Black community in the election for a City Councilor to represent Seattle’s District 3.   Pam is [...]

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North Korea: High Schools Adopt Kim Centric Curriculum

N. Korea Requires Students to Take 81-hour Course on Kim Jong-un  Beginning this year, North Korea?s high schools have introduced a class on its young leader, Kim Jong-un,[...]

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Mr. Charlie: PRIORITIES-PRIORITIES-PRIORITIES- What is really important?  

Sawant complains about amber alert during Dem Debate Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant live tweeted the Democrat Debate on CNN yesterday evening. Sawant tweeted a variety of gems including:… SHIFTWA.ORG/SAWANT-COMPLAI…[...]