Mr. Charlie:  Who Speaks for Black Seattlites? ?

When we challenge people about their knowledge of our cause we are called Xenophobic or anti-immigrant.


Charlie James

Ed.  This came up when Pam Banks questioned the right of Kashama Sawant to  speak for the Black community in the election for a City Councilor to represent Seattle’s District 3.  

Pam is an African American, the daughter of an Asian mom and a Black Dad.  She has worked for 20 years to build black jobs and businesses in the District.  

Sawant is a Brahmin immigrant who came to Seattle as part of the tech influx. She is an activist who celebrates here ethnicity by claiming to speak for “people  of color”.   

However, during her tenure as a City Councilor, Sawant has refused to meet with black businesses and black activists from within her district and her campaign is notable for the absence of African American leaders.   

Here is an Ave challenge on identifying people by “race.” 

CHARLIE: I agree with Banks. When we challenge people about their knowledge of our cause we are called Xenophobic or anti-immigrant. Bull. Sawant has never asked the Black community to meet so she can get a feel of our issue. She just assumed that she knew. No-one who has not been born and raised in America can understand this racial madness we face with out some serious effort. I am all over my community and I have never met her.

I am talking pure facts. people in my community support people for a variety of reasons and its not always because they know our community, which she does not. Some of these people will support any socialist who runs because they are anti-capitalist, etc. I stand by my statement and no one on this list has fought harder for Black people than I have in the last 25 years. These political love in statements mean nothing and not one says a thing about what she has done or will do for the Black community.

Sawant Banks
Comments from Pamela Banks seem to imply that her opponent, Kshama Sawant, doesn’t understand the legacy of racial discrimination because she’s an immigrant.

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  1. theaveeditor #


    “The danger of Banks’ comments is not just that they’re inaccurate in their characterization of Sawant’s record as a council member, but also the xenophobia and exclusivity that erupts from any argument that implies that our understanding about oppression and ability to contribute to a struggle or movement is rooted in where we are from.
    This is a particularly worrisome argument to be brought up in the 3rd District, which is populated with immigrants from dozens of countries, in a city where 17 percent of the population is foreign born.”

  2. theaveeditor #

    AMAZING … Now Sawant wants to spin the issue from her effort to represent the Black commmunity to Pam being a racist????

  3. Mario Negri #

    the irony is that media pilloried Rachel Dolezal an effective activist who lives as a black woman in the black community because she was “white.” How can Sawnat get away with passing as a “person of color?”

  4. DumpSawant #

    Here is a simple truth ~ Sawant has been absent from the CD while dozens of young African American men are being murdered at the hands of their brothers. She only represents the upper class, European American’s making 6 figures. She’s not about “THE” people, she’s about her people.. And her people are the upperclass. She’s played the city for fools. Convincing you all that she’s for the working man, meanwhile hobnobbing with the big donors… She loves the media spotlight and the $$$… But she don’t care about us. Time to dump Sawant!