Where White Lives Matter

In the hope of helping Africa’s Albinos,Pope Francis has launched the Help African Albinos campaign (#HelpAfricanAlbinosCampaign).

Mr Jamenya told from his hospital bed how three attackers slashed at hisalbino kenya neck, arm and head with machetes, cutting off his ear and several fingers before fleeing, leaving him in a pool of blood to be discovered by his young son.

At least 75 children and adults with albinism have been killed in that East African country since 2000 and more than 62 others have escaped with severe injuries following attacks by people seeking to supply witch doctors who are thought to pay up to $75,000 for a full set of body parts.

In March, the United Nations warned that the approach of elections in Tanzania this October risked an increase in attacks on albinos as campaigning politicians turned to sorcery to improve their odds.

As a result, children with albinism have been herded into state-run boarding schools, ministers have urged colleagues to avoid witchcraft and police have arrested hundreds of witch doctors thought to be involved in the practice.


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