Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds | Fox News

Lincoln and FoxFACEBOOK:  In its usual style ,Fox tries to foment racism.  The network of O’Reilly summarized genetic studies as proving that race is real!  Not only real BUT … according to Fox ..genetics proves Blacks are better athletes.
Fox:  “Prehistoric population ‘bottlenecks’ reduced ability of Europeans to weed out dangerous mutations”

Of course this stimulated the Black racists too eager to dawn their oen  white sheets and claim racial superiority.

Here is the discussion that followed: KKK

  • Stephen Schwartz This… other than the misleading headline is pretty much what I told you. Actually it’s main message is that the idea of a black race and a white race is wrong.
    What it says it that humans arose in Africa and migrated out of Africa as fairly smal
    l groups. Because these groups were small they had less diversity in their genomes. So if you look at a  Ghanaian’s genome,  it will be more different from another Ghana than the genome from  one French man would be from another.

    The Ghanaians are  not worker or stronger than the French, just more divers.
    Kim Harris-Mustafa There is only one dominant gene
  • Stephen Schwartz What are you talking about? Do you think there is a “black gene?”
  • Andre Young Yes, and it is called melanin. Black/gene is dominant, and all other colors/ genes are recessive. You see, Stephen Schwartz it is precisely how you, pink folk have veered things/information toward White supremacy. Now, biologist lets talk about the genome. Blacks can replicate into all colors; Whites can not. Because all colors come from Black even White.

  • Kim Harris-Mustafa Wow I thought everyone knew about the “Black gene” but I guess :some: won’t knowledge the truth even when they do know I would call that “hatred:”
  • Congo Carter this is true look at Obama all people come from black seed
  • Sally Richter This is not much of a surprise; it is one of the reasons blacks are generally better at sports than whites. Of course, whites are better at math smile emoticon
  • Stephen Schwartz
    The racism here is awesome. Melanin is a pigment and NOT a gene. The amount of melanin people have is controlled by a number of genes. Some are dominant (meaning one copy is enough to work) others are recessive. There is no connection between these genes  and other properties being discussed here . including math!
 Kim Harris-Mustafa Really Stephen Schwartz so it’s just Black racism here and you are not demonstrating any right? And Sally Richter where can I find information eluding to whites are better in math? They have sipped Black culture and now we can’t even have our dominant genes what next

Stephen Schwartz Sorry Kim, but I am totally and utterly opposed to racism .. whether this comes from Europe or the Congo. Humans are a species. Like Wolves and Dogs. Humans have regional adaptations.

Frankly, I think the idea of “race” is pretty much the same as the idea of breeds in dogs or horses. Dogs have been bred by humans to have different properties, humans have adapted by natural selection to different environments

The American slavers did try to breed humans, especially in South Carolina. The Nazis tried the same thing. Id either group had continued long enough we (humans) would look like poodles and chihuahuas. Genetics is real.

Humans differ not because we have been bred intentionally, but because  of accidents of where we have lived. This is  called “natural selection” and is the basis of Darwin. The idea that natural selection has turned humans into poodles and chihuahuas is both offensive and a denial of the science.

That said, African Americans are TREATED differently because of prejudice.  So it makes sense to ask c=scientists to look at data from AA communities for issues like health, learning, etc.   When this si done some differences are found.  Some of these may be genetic .. not because of a “dominant” melanin gene but because people from different parts of the world have natural variation.  That’s is why an Australian indigene and a Soma person from Sweden look different.  On the average other properties may differ that are not part of physical appearance, not because of melanin but simply because of natural selection.

This gets worse here because the racists, of both sides, want anyone who has an African origin, to be part of a “race.”   Did you know that President Obama’s mother had a Black slave as an ancestor?  It is absurd  to imagine that these genes made her racially different from any other European American .. many of whom also have some inheritance from past intermingling.

Humans Are Not Poodles!

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  1. tuwee #

    an albino like anti solar mutation that survives using artificial protection can never be stronger in a solar system as it is not natural.

    Black people have kill or perform necromancy
    on the hair to be like whites.

    is that an upgrade to have dehydrated hair like most 4 legged mammals?

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