Chicago PD didn’t want you to see this photo

It’s a Polaroid snapshot ca. 1999-2003 of two cops posing with rifles over a black guy wearing antlers. It was released this week by a Chicago judge over police officials’ objections, according to CNN (click here for story).

150528060141-chicago-police-antlers-photo-exlarge-169Neither of the cops, Tim McDermott and Jerome Finnigan, is still with the department. McDermott was fired, and Finnigan is in prison for running a crime ring.

After this photo was released, the Chicago PD issued a press release denying their cops do this sort of thing.

Who knows, maybe this is the photo that will change history, by finally convincing the American public that the wrong people have been hired as cops, our police agencies are full of racists and bullies, and their personnel rosters need a thorough housecleaning.

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