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GOP Rep claims Obamacare costing $5 million per enrollee. Turns out he’s off by about $5 million Texas GOP Representative Pete Sessions (R-Math Challenged) recently claimed on House floor that the cost of each enrollee was costing the U.S. treasury $5…[...]

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Legislature okays WSU med school, but withholds initial funding

If  WSU can raise the funds on its own, it makes sense to  go ahead!  “A nearly century-old restriction giving the University of Washington the exclusive right to operate a public medical school in the state of Washington was removed by the Legislature on Wednesday, opening the door for Was[...]

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Boycott Indiana! State of bigotry

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is set to sign into law a measure that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom.” — CBS News  I’m not gay, but I oppose injustice, wherever it rears its ugly head. Discrimination is evil; and when it&#[...]

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Ferguson shooting suspect’s lawyer says cops arrested the wrong man

The lawyer for the man accused of shooting two Ferguson police officers two weeks ago claimed today his client is innocent and the real shooter is still at large. Jerryl Christmas, attorney for Jeffrey Williams, asserted Williams didn’t have a gun, didn’t fire a gun, and didn’t tel[...]

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Co-pilot deliberately crashed plane

A French prosecutor told the media today that co-pilot Andreas Lubtiz, 28, locked the pilot out of the cockpit and deliberately crashed the Airbus, killing 144 passengers and 5 other crew members and himself, news organizations reported today. Authorities have yet to establish a motive, but Lubitz h[...]

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New Obama Scandal

White House Florist Abruptly Fired: Were Her Arrangements Too French? Longtime White House florist Laura Dowling was mysteriously fired last month, the Washington Post’s Reliable Source reports. Were her “fussy” floral arrangements too “French” for the newly “mode[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: The Kingdom Goes to War

Arab forces led by  Saudi Arabia have gone to war against Iran’s proxies in Yemen.  The air forces bombed the Houthi fighters who have taken control of Yemen’s capital and advanced on the  southern city of Aden where the country’s president has taken refuge’ Saudi Ambass[...]

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For-profit schools’ enrollments and stocks plunge

For-profit schools are a bad deal for students, who often end up heavily in debt, and with poor job prospects. Young people are finally waking up to this fact; Phoenix University, the nation’s largest for-profit education company, reported its enrollments are down by half, and for-profit schoo[...]

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THE GOP Great Leader Confuses the Iran Great Leader

On April 1, The Ave will run a new post every hour, all day long .. or more or less.[...]