Ferguson shooting suspect’s lawyer says cops arrested the wrong man

26AEDE5200000578-2997975-Jeffrey_L_Williams_20_had_bruising_across_his_back_on_both_shoul-a-58_1426571165905The lawyer for the man accused of shooting two Ferguson police officers two weeks ago claimed today his client is innocent and the real shooter is still at large. Jerryl Christmas, attorney for Jeffrey Williams, asserted Williams didn’t have a gun, didn’t fire a gun, and didn’t tell anyone that he did. Prosecutors claim Williams admitted firing a gun to investigators but said he was aiming at someone else. But police claim Williams told an informant he was the shooter. They don’t have their stories straight; are they lying?

Photo: The only thing we know for sure about this man is that the cops beat him up (see facial bruises and lacerations). Did they pound on the wrong guy? It wouldn’t be the first time in American history that a black man was blamed for something he didn’t do. 

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