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Time for Andy Jackson to go bye-bye

Andrew Jackson wasn’t a nice man. He owned slaves and practiced genocide against Native Americans. The only reason he’s on the twenty-dollar bill is because he was considered a war hero in his time (against the British and Indians) and that got him elected president. But this is the 21st[...]

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Cruz hires goon to run his campaign

The goon hired by Sen. Ted Cruz to spearhead his presidential campaign is so nasty that rival candidates have called the police on him. His name is Jeff Roe, and he has a reputation for “leaving a trail of destruction.” Hiring him strongly suggests Cruz plans to run a bare-knuckles campa[...]

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Capitol cops ask Congress to chill drunken parties

Capitol police have sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to “to rein in the growing number of parties in the Capitol,” citing security concerns and complaining about “mounting overtime costs and an abundance of ‘coolers containing liquids’,”  CNN [...]

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Why do Jews spell “God” as “G-d?”

My bottom line? I find the name J—–H offensive because it disrespects Jewish law.  As for “God?” .. the being who crucifies his son after screwing the son’s mom?  Sounds rather Greek to me! In the Torah it says that the Deity, when asked what His name was. did not  [...]

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Some Good News!

Palestinian scientist wins top job at Israeli ministry Tarek Abu-Hamed of East Jerusalem is appointed deputy chief scientist of the government tech bureau[...]

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Who sponsored Geo. Zimmerman’s criticism of Pres. Obama?

Vigilante killer George Zimmerman made news again this week by criticizing President Obama for expressing sympathy for Zimmerman’s victim, Trayvon Martin. Let’s skip over the fact Zimmerman is alive, Martin is dead, and Zimmerman is his killer as possible reasons why Obama sympathizes wi[...]

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Climate Change

“Cosmic Rays, Solar Forcing, and 20th Century Climate Change” A talk to the Physics Dept, UW, March 15th, 2015, by Dr. Nir J. Shaviv, of the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem. This review by hh Dr. Shaviv delivered a spirited talk to the Physics/Astronomy/Atm.Sci. commun[...]

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Beating the Hell Out of the NFL!

Urschel earned a Master’s in mathematics on his way to a 4.0 GPA at Penn State, but decided to enter the NFL after he was drafted in 2014. In a piece published in The Players’ Tribune last week, Urschel explained why he decided to put his brilliant mind at risk by playing such a violent [&hellip[...]