President Cotton blows up world

379b990f70d0a5d9f2b03b4284e7d588What if Tom Cotton, the inexperienced young senator from Arkansas who wrote the infamous Iran letter, had been president during the Cuban missile crisis? I probably wouldn’t be writing this, and you probably wouldn’t be reading it. During that near-fatal confrontation, rightwing hawks pushed Kennedy hard to attack Cuba, much like Cotton is beating the drum for military action against Iran. What they didn’t know was (a) the Russians had also put about 100 tactical nukes in Cuba, and (b) had authorized their local commanders in Cuba to use them if they were attacked. It’s what you don’t know that kills you.

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  1. 1

    Well said. That’s the real problem with “idiocracy” isn’t it? The real question is…Is it already too late to change things? For the first time, I really, really don’t know. What about you?

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Einstein wasn’t optimistic. He predicted World War 4 will be fought with clubs and stones.