The youngest son of civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King has listed his Malibu estate for $4.85 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. 1

    Looks like the family has been bought and paid for. Why should they have any legitimacy anymore? Judge people by their actions and their trappings hmmmm?

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    The King family has commercialized their fame. So have the Kardashians and many others. If Lincoln had living descendants they’d probably be hawking tennis shoes and real estate deals, and suing every bank and credit union with “Lincoln” in its name for trademark infringement. Face it, we live in a money-grubbing society, and people think something is wrong with you if you don’t milk whatever advantages you have. The alternative is working for wages, and we all know how that pays.

  3. theaveeditor #

    I don’t think the King family has been bought and paid for any more than any other family that has commercialized a great heritage. My question is why doesn’t Congress pass legislation to buy them out? Dr. King’s words and papers should be in the public domain.

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