Yes on 594: Lets Stop The Gun Trade Between Thugs

nra 594Who is the real target of 594?  The NRA says it is the hunting buddy who want to try out out Jim’s shotgun or the dad who wants to give his daughter a Glock to defend herself at college. 

This is silly.  Jim’s friend and Mary will havbe some inconmvenoience under 594.  But the real target is the huge underground trade in guns.  We have a weapons “industry” that feeds violence by gang members, drug dealers, and other thugs.

The people who profit off of this trade as well as the NRA seem not to give a damn about the blood shed uncontrolled gun sales causes.  The NRA says we should enforce existing laws.  Really?  Do they think the pimps on Aurora are worried about being fined because they carry a pistol to control their whores?  We ought to be able to do something about the armed warfare carries on by thugs in our streets.

I sometimes agree with the NEA, we likely can not do a lot, given the interpretation of the sending amendment by the NRA,  to prevent people from personality disorders from shooting up a school or a shopping center. That does not justify the NRA’s support for the illicit gun trade. 

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