‘Fangate’: A Gift That Keeps Giving

In politics you seldom get gifts like this one, and Democrats are milking it for all it’s worth.

“Fangate,” if you haven’t heard, involves a peculiar situation at the start of Wednesday night’s Florida gubernatorial debate.  You can watch it here:

Some people speculate it was a setup, an attempt by the GOP camp to embarrass the Democratic candidate, and I suspect it was.  If so, it backfired badly, because the Republican candidate ended up looking foolish.  In the video, the moderator appears to be in on the game, and struggles to keep it on track.  But he loses control of both the narrative and the mic when the Democrat strides on stage and seizes the moment like someone who spotted an ambush and laid his own trap.

In chess, a “sucker gambit” is a move that can be very effective if the opposing player falls for it, but is devastatingly weak against an opponent who knows how to counter it.  Gambit players aren’t real chess players, they’re dilettantes who have memorized a few trick moves that a competent player can take apart in no time.

That’s what may have happened here.

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