APPLESAUCE: CharJ ,,, iPAD to charge iPHONES!

Now, charge your dead smartphone just by ‘placing it on top of tablet’AppsRUS, a producer of  iOS apps has worked a miracle … now your iPHONE can be charged just by laying on the screen of your iPAD!  The miracle is called Charj.

According to , Tstevan Sboj, principle scientist for AppsRUS, as “virtualized the technology found in products like the Powermat or Nokia’s new charging pads.  These product require special magents to carry the power.  CharjJ accomlishes the same thing by sunching pixels on the teo screens.

No special magnet, replacement back or other hardware is needed.   When you put a phone on top of it that has the same technology, the tablet can send power to the phone without a cord, it added. (ANI)

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