DAVEY JONES: South of India

Davey-Jones(Ed: When in Seattle, Davey attends Drinking Liberally.  Now in the Indian Ocean, he writes:)

By the way besides you and Barb, and Bill of course, how is the rest of DL
holding up with your road show? Ant signs of mental breakdown?

As for me, arrival in Sri Lanka has been delayed by about 16 hours, from
2300 on the 25th to 1400 on the 26TH, as we are all ready two days behind,
I’m not sure we can make up the time by the ditch, but then this ship can
haul ass when needed, I’ve seen it run at 23 KNTS, so there is always a
chance, and of course once we are west of India we are in pirate waters, so
speed will be the thing.

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