BUCHENWALD 24: Through the eyes of Margarette Bourke White

Margaret Bourke White Buchenwald 5The great photographer Margaret Bourke White made the image when she arrived as a Life photographer with Patton for the official liberation, several days after the camp had been liberated by American soldiers including my father, the first medic to come to the aid of these prisoners. . This picture was never published in Life magazine

For years I would wake up to my father’s screams.  I have no doubt that may of the great things he did later in life came from this horrid experience.

Hugh Schwartz should be ashamed for preventing publication of my father’s pictures.


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  1. William Quick #

    A warning to the reader: The author of this blog makes statements on this blog that are frequently misleading and sometimes pure fiction. For example, he writes here that “Hugh Schwartz should be ashamed for preventing publication of my father’s pictures.” Indeed, it is SMS, the author of this misstatement, who has held up the donation of their father’s estate’s WWII photos and other memorabilia to a major University by (a) withholding some of the materials at his residence in Seattle — despite his signing off on an agreement to return them to Hugh and (b) failing to sign off on a Deed of Gift to donate the materials.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Apparently Dr. Quick is posting this text as a comment widely across THE Ave. There is response at