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People of Color


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SMS Photography: Obama Rally


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Publish or Perish?

The  current culture in social studies and humanities places great value on the acceptance of work by publishers. The problem is that all publishers need to make money, this is even true of university presses. The opinions and decisions of the editors working for those businesses must be drive by t[...]

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New Nazis: Greece

Golden Dawn may form new party       Greek far-right activists say they will form National Dawn if they are prevented from standing in elections[...]

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The Sochii Toilet Rules

From realhousewifeofaiken .. Toilett Etiquette in Sochii   Maybe something was lost in translation, but, if not, it might explain why the major complaints have been about the bathroom conditions. About those bathrooms.  These have to be the most confusing, frustrating and comical facilities o[...]

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Estate Wants His Daughter, Bernice King, To Give Up Nobel Peace Prize

Family Feuds: Schwartz style. A law suit has been filed against Bernice King, Martin Luther King Junior’s daughter, because she has  “secreted and sequestered” Dr. King’s medal and Dr. King’s  Bible in violation of the agreement that the property inherited from the c[...]

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Whatever the causes of being gay, they are not identified with genes. Being gay is NOT the same as being Black.

New Study Fails to Prove a Genetic Link For Male Homosexuality I have always been confused about the debate over whether being gay is a “choice” or something that is built in to the individual. The issue is important because the Gay civil rights movement has tried to equate being Gay to [...]