The Sochii Toilet Rules

Sochii ToilettFrom realhousewifeofaiken .. Toilett Etiquette in Sochii


Maybe something was lost in translation, but, if not, it might explain why the major complaints have been about the bathroom conditions.

About those bathrooms.  These have to be the most confusing, frustrating and comical facilities one can imagine.  The thing is, we probably couldn’t have imagined, which is why we’re grateful for the photos and the comforts of our own indoor plumbing.   These are the instructions for the proper use of the toilet.

Please note that you may not use them for fishing.  Then there’s the toilet paper thing.  You can’t flush it, but you must place your used paper into the provided can.  The staff must love that clean up job.

Finally, there’s the assorted, strange configurations of the toilets, themselves.  A wide variety of them are available and some should come with instructions as well, like the one with the upside down lid and seat.  Better yet, they should become an Olympic event, with medals given out to those who figure out how to use them without killing themselves or anyone else.  There are toilets set up for the enjoyment of entire teams, others are for couples and yet another is meant for the half-assed guest.

A User's Guide To The Bizarre Toilets Of Sochi

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Maybe this explains why the Russkies were always so full of shit.

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