Whatever the causes of being gay, they are not identified with genes. Being gay is NOT the same as being Black.

Dan Savage

New Study Fails to
Prove a Genetic Link
For Male Homosexuality

 Being Gay, for better or worse,  is a matter of choice unless there is some built in genetic property or life event that assigns a person to homo vs. heterosexual identity.  It now appears that the built in genetic property, if present at all, is very weak.  The AP is reporting that a large study of gay brothers fund only weak evidence of  genetic loci that determine the chances of a man being homosexual, but the results aren’t strong enough to prove it.  The idea is this .. the genome is like a cm0uter program.  If your genome causes you to have some property, then there ought to be specific places in everyone’s code where variations determine their likelihood of having that property.  This study did find some loci but the correlation was very weak.  Similar, though smaller studies have had mixed results. Put simply, the data are statistically too weak to demonstrate any genetic link.
Dr. Chad Zawitz, a Chicago physician who participated in the study , called the research “a giant step forward” toward answering scientific questions about homosexuality and helping reduce the stigma gays often face.  His point is that a weak correlation doe not mean no correlation.  The genome is a big place .. 3 billion letters!  While specific letters determine skin color or your chance to get banker, any genetic linl to sexuality may simply to be too small to mean a lot.
Zawitz, however has it wrong when he says  that being gay “is sort of like having certain eye color or skin color — it’s just who you are.”   None of this tells us why people are gay or even says that they choose to be gay.  Being gay may be the result of some random event .. the sort of toys you had,  the kind of paint used to cover your walls, cosmic radiation or .. do I dare to suggest .. the will of God.
If anything, I would suggest that gay activists are lucky that the study failed. Imagine the effects of someone finding the gay gene! Surely   Congresswoman Mia Love. the Blackish Mormon from Utah, would want to offer the NIH finds to find a cure!  God must be n your side!




The work was published Monday by the journal Psychological Medicine. The National Institutes of Health paid for the research

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