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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad and copyrights

COCA-Cola's Super Bowl advert featuring homosexuals to America's patriotic tune infuriates fansCoca-Cola’s superbowl ad may get the company’s logo more attention that it intended.  Because the ad included gay people as patriotic Americans,  to the tune of ” America the Beautiful”,  sports fans are reportedly offended by use of the patriotic song in eight different languages, calling it a ‘disgrace’ and ‘unpatriotic’.

To its credit, Coca Cola  does not plan on either making any changes or dropping the advertisement.   However, the fair use doctrine means bloggers like me can now use the coveted logo to comment on fair use of the coveted symbol!  Of course I may expect a cease and desist letter form a corporate lawyer acting as a thug.  If so, I will  post the letter here.

Thanks Coke!

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