REPOST: Superbowl attracts kid prostitutes


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The Family Feud Goes Here TOO!…
This is a repost from Feb 5.. The original contained a mashup with a different image of girls being abused by parents in the awful kids’ beauty pageants. Someone, my guess it was my brother in law since he has raised this sort of thing in multiple emails, complained that I was misusing an image from in Saskatchewan! The station wrote me asking if I would remove it because it might offend some of the parents whose kids were in their picture.

super bowl chiuld prostitutes v2 Huff post reports that Super Bowl and other big sporting events provide potentially lucrative opportunities for sex traffickers. <click image>  Like the investigators , I too read several
“package” ads that offered tickets, drugs and escorts.  These were found in web searches and at Craig’s list.  As Super Bowl Sunday approached, law enforcement officers working on the operation saw advertisements starting to spike and suspects starting to travel,. The investigation followed this trail.

A bigger question here in Seattle mat be whether any of our 1%ers (a plentiful crew here) purchased any of these big packages.   Sounds like agreat opportunity for the cops to go after these fo;ks when the Hawk go to Superbowl 2015.

Relevant to the side bar, you might want to go to  Apparently these beauty pageants are rather popular in Alberta just as they are in our own southern red states.   The original image came from an article on their site about these pageants.  Oddly, they seem to have published a lot of this stuff.  In y opinion, the line between this and child porn is at best subtle.  To see the images from ckom, click here.

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  1. dsfdd253 #

    So, you were trolling Craig’s List for drugs and underage hookers? Does “Mrs. Ave Editor” know about this?

  2. admin #

    Great question!

    Actually I looked for SuperBowl tic … just to see what they were going for. I found a lot of “packages” that include d hints about drugs, hookers, etc.

    Maybe these were all placed by the FRI to entrap Johns and drugees?

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    I think you guys should have a snowball fight.

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