DAVEY JONES: Happy New Year

Davey JonesI hope that your Birthday is wonderful and that the coming year brings you
nothing but good things, I wish I was there to celebrate with you!
I had a quiet New Years Eve, a couple of drinks and in bed by 7, as it was
a two hour time change that gave me 12 hours to sleep and I needed it, back
into the grind today of course.

The ship is running well, all of the hours the black gang put in seem to be
paying off, so for the next six days it’s mostly getting caught up on some
maintenance and preparing for the next trip. I think I mentioned that among
the black gang only me, the electrician and the cadet are staying, so it’ll
be an almost new engine department, also the entire stewards department will
be paying off, and about half of the deck gang, so it’ll be a new crew.

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