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  A sad night. Romney did exactly what I predicted .. played the role of a citizen business man, a technocrat volunteering for the noble task of  running our economy. Sadly, Pres. Obama appeared completely unprepared for this tactic. Mitt bullied Jim Lehrer, the ineffective moderator, as well [...]

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Paul Ryan, the mountain man!

Mountain Climbing Conservative Calls Paul Ryan, “a mountain man” from Colorado Post, By John Andrews, ( directs the Centennial Institute, a conservative think tank, and has climbed many Colorado Fourteeners. excerpted … Is America in decline? …. This electio[...]

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Slur of the Day

Sucker fish a term used ambiguously in southern Oregon directed towards the Klamath people during a dispute over the sucker fish of the Klamath River which was considered sacred by the tribe. Troublemakers displayed bumper-stickers with the message “Save a Farmer, Fillet a sucker fish.”[[...]

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THE-Ave.US challenge: Why Did Paul Ryan Get Conservatism so Confused?

A. Paul Ryan’s grandfather B. Great British Prime Minister C. Founder of Shell oil D. Mormon pioneer who created tithing system E. President of first Swiss bank to hold secret accounts[...]

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Slur of the Day

Cracker (U.S.) a poor Appalachian or poor Southerner, a white person, first used in the 19th century.[53][...]

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Guidelines for tonight’s debate.

Howard Fineman, writing for the Huffington Post, has a somewhat rambling piece about what to expect in the debate. Sadly, I think Fineman is just one more of the pundits who only sees the debates as an atheltic event. Howard is obviously correct when he states that Romney has a robot problem. Where [...]

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Anniversary of German Reunification: Mr. Gorbachev, Keep That Wall Where it Belongs!

Thatcher vs. Reagan Reagan’s performance at the Berlin wall was a historic (if histrionic) event.  His lady friend and Britsh soul mate, however, had other ideas.  In the Reagan era, most people thought the Germanies could not be reunified. Erich Honecker, President of the German “Demo[...]

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Debate Prep

Hello, human diary. It is I again, Mitt Romney, your better. I do not have time to write today, I am busy preparing for the upcoming debate. I have been instructed to come up with a variety of witticisms so that I may demonstrate my obvious superiority to the audience. My staff has been telling [&he[...]

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RUMORS One of Mr. Romney’s aides calculated his words-per-minute rate in the primary campaign debates to break him of the habit of feeling that he needs to rattle off the most statistics. During rehearsals, Mr. Romney has tried lines of attack suggesting that Mr. Obama distorts the facts and sloug[...]