Anniversary of German Reunification: Mr. Gorbachev, Keep That Wall Where it Belongs!

Thatcher vs. Reagan

Reagan’s performance at the Berlin wall was a historic (if histrionic) event.  His lady friend and Britsh soul mate, however, had other ideas.  In the Reagan era, most people thought the Germanies could not be reunified. Erich Honecker, President of the German “Democratic” Republic and architect of the wall, , always claimed that the DDR was permanent.  Mr. Hencker’s regime fell from within but Kohl’s enemy was not just the soviet boot lickers.   Margaret Thatcher wanted revenge for WW II: “We beat the Germans twice, and now they’re back,”  she told Chancellor Herman Kohl.  In his memoirs Kohl replies that this was her problem and on 3 October 1990, Germany was reunified.


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