A sad night.

Romney did exactly what I predicted .. played the role of a citizen business man, a technocrat volunteering for the noble task of  running our economy.

Sadly, Pres. Obama appeared completely unprepared for this tactic. Mitt bullied Jim Lehrer, the ineffective moderator, as well as dominating Mr. Obama… consistently getting his image across even when the facts he was presenting made no sense, neither Romney nor Lehrer challenged him.

This image of Romney as the citizen – businessman, technocrat, is the best possible image he can present now. Obama, despite his obvious intelligence, does not seem to have the skills to deflate Romney.

While I am certain that no one in the Obama campaign read my recommendations, I wish that someone in Team Obama would have the scene this tactic. The best I can hope for now, is that the Obama campaign will begin an effort to that Romney’s many false statements… Depicting him as a liar.

Perhaps that is a good tactic. For Obama to call Romney a liar would undermine much of the president’s image as a nice guy who is above such things. Having surrogates unravel Romney’s mythology, may be a good tactic.

Der Spiegel has a good analysis.

I hope so


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