Republican Heresy: Jeb Bush is not quite rite!

Having witnessed Republican extremism at this year’s Tacoma convention. I am now mystified.  Is the moderate republican extinct or just powerless?

Dana Milbank discusses comment by Jeb Bush.  The fintelleigent Bush brother and successful former Florida governor, stated in public that  even Ronald Reagan couldn’t fit under the GOP tent. Or is theis more correctly called a burkah?

What I do not understand is how a presumably patriotic American, like Bush Sr. or Jeb (the other son strikes me as not too smart) can remind silent when thuggish extremists undermine the very basis of America’s two party system?

This si not the first time I have wondered about the ethics within the Repubican leadership.  During the Reagan years it took little skill to see that the old man was senile.  The party’s only answer was to hire Howard Baker as a care give while the runaway radicals wre undermining democracy in Nicaragua, blowing billions of dollars on crazy Star Wars themes, and laying the paving stones for the mess the GOP now is.

Does anyone in the Republican establishment imagine that Mitt Romney’s new attire as a Tea Party nut job will serve the uS well should the deep eyed man become POTUS?

I have a new phrase for this sort of failed allegiance to the GOP … “Not Quite Rite!”    Where are local establishment Repubicans .. I hear Steve Balmer is loyal to the GOP and Michael Young has. I believe, identified himself with the GOP.


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