Republican calls McKenna a Rhino

from Sound Politics

“I should blind myself to this dillwad’s desire to screw the community where *I* live (and HE doesn’t) and vote for that clown anyway?

I should ignore it when he refers to Scott Walker “terrorizing” unions in Wisconsin and his refusal to try and bring those slime to heel?

I should just “turn the other cheek” when he lies, calling collective bargaining a “right?”

I should just forget about it when he opposes initiatives like the tolling effort, 1125, that if it had been successful, would have save 56,000 commuters $1300 a year… each… as they’re forced to pay for a bridge replacement and light rail we don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford?

And, I should just blow off his lies for failing to intervene in the Clark County tribal suit that he opposes since he wants those slime to build their megacasino in my backyard?

On the contrary: MCKENNA is the “Republican” RINO that democrats love… not me. His election will put my county in the hurt locker just as bad as Inslee… for decades… and why vote for a fake democrat when we can get the real thing?”

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