Woz Disses the iPAD

Steve Wozniak disses iOS

According to The Daily Beast, the Apple co-founder (and connoisseur of Segways) goes on record as preferring many aspects of Android’s fussier-but-deeper UI to iOS’ one size fits all, simplified approach. Citing improvements in voice command software (sorry Siri, but he’s looking at you), navigation and consistent performance, this other Steve seems to believe his company has a lot to learn from Google’s dessert-themed mobile platform. Does word of Woz’s wandering thumbs spell doom for Apple’s all but gilded OS? We don’t think so. As Kathy Griffin’s former, fake boyfriend put it best, the iPhone 4S is for “users scared of computers.” Which is to say, everyone and your mother.
I wonder if this is related to the Woz’a large fingers?  Another Jobs’ edict was that everyone MUST use their fingers to write on an iPAD?
Samsung, Apples single biggest competitor, is a SOUTH Korean company.  Samsung has also been pushing a stylus on its tablets.
What if Woz worked with the new techie leader of North Korea to introduce something that would let both nof their large-ish finngers work without the need for a stylus?  Stranger things have happened!

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