BREAKING NEWS: That Leaves Newt?

With Rick Perry’s horrid performance, the realists of the Republican Party have been faced with an impossible choice.  Romney is, at best, an uninspiring candidate.  At worst, if elected, Romney seems very unlikely to be able to lead the fractious Republican Party.  Huntsman is very impressive, but far too honest and rational to be able to get out the radical vote of Republican base.

The rest of the pool includes people perfectly at home with the radical Tea Party wing but with no hope of being able to govern with a coalition of moderate Republicans and the centrist bulk of the Democratic Party and majority Undecided non party.  Santorum, Bachmann, or Kain would not only be unable to govern, they would (fortunately) alienate too many Americans to get elected.

That leaves Newt?????  Hard to believe, nut the Union Leader does have huge clout in NH.  Romney is weak in in Idaho and unimaginable  in the Bible Country of South Carolina.