Letter to Puddy

A letter to Puddy,

Puddy is the nom de web of a friend of mine who comments a lot over at HorsesAss. The fictional Puddy is a far right, Adventist, self-made African-American, intellectual. In my mind’s eye “puddy” looks like Cat, the character from Red Dwarf.

The “real Puddy” .. well I kinda of think I should leave that to him so I will address my comment only to Puddy.

While we are at it, I was wondering which of these Republican candidates do you favor ..

Mitt Romney … the Mormon of no convictions.
New Gingrich .. The many times forgiven, now Catholic with his nouveau opus Deism?
Herman Cain … since I know and like the real you, I wonder if Mr. Cain … like you … enjoys role-playing?
Michelle Bachmann … well, at least she seems to share your commitment to non ecumenical charity.
Rick Santorum gotta give it to Rick, he is consistent … seems like that is not getting him anywhere.
Ron Paul    … Do you think Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are really the same person?  Seriously, is there value in consistency?
Huntsman I kinda sorta expect Mr. Huntsman to admit that he is too moderate to be an R. Seems to me that he ought to accept Obama’s offer and run for VEEP as a Democrat.

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