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Defending Our Second Amendment


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A VR Visit to North Korea


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Inflation on Campus

American Enterprise InstituteLike Page March 25 at 3:00pm · There is no other consumer good or service whose price has increased over the last 20 years that even comes close to the soaring cost of college tuition and college textbooks, which have both tripled in price and increased by 200% since 19[...]

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Do Black Lives Matter When The Black Kids Are Small And White?

Remember  Dolazel?   In an era where we accept the idea that Caitlin Jenner was always a female, what happens when an apparently white child identifies as … black?  According to a University of Michigan study, white preschoolers often believe a person’s race [...]

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What the world thinks of America now

Trump has drastically improved America’s favorability ratings in one country. The rest of the world thinks we suck. (Click on image to enlarge; click here for source.)  [...]

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Kobach is caught using private emails for Trump’s voting commission work

Firstly, everyone knows Trump’s so-called “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” is a GOP vote suppression operation. That’s why he put his party’s leading vote suppressor, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, in charge of it. Plus, there’s no [...]

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