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When Trumpies qvelI about Donald Trump’s trophy wife and demean Mrs. Obama, I get pissed off. 

qvell .. from kvell, yiddish  crow, delight, exuberate, exult, glory, joy, jubilate, rejoice, triumph I have no problem with Melania Trump’s previous profession(s). But to compare Michelle Obama … a graduate of two Ivy League Schools, a self made attorney and amazing woman of s[...]

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A Christmas Carol …

Even as he recited the eternal words of the fifth, ol’ Roger knew he was now as dead as could be.  To begin with, as the words, “I take …” rumbled out, the faint smells of the decayed body parts of Jamal Khashoggi  wafted from the table set before him. There icould be no[...]

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Is Trump Hitler?

No, but Trumpism IS FASCISM The Trumpies are so desperate that they insist that their leader is not Hitler.  They are correct.  Trump doesn’t hate Jews or, probably even hate Mexicans.  But he does foment hatred and his policies are fascist. Fascism was not originally about race or mass sla[...]

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Fox Celebrates Treason Season

One wonders whether there might be demons and devils after all. Is this an innocent accident?  An act of a demon?  Jesus trying to speak through the Mouth of Murdoch?[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Mohammed bin Salman .. GUILTY!

Senators: Saudi Crown Prince Was Behind Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi Senate leaders emerged from a CIA briefing and said they were convinced that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was responsible for the journalist’s killing. One said if there was a trial, he would be convicted “in 30 minu[...]

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What I want for Xmas! Star Wars Toys


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This is Mueller’s big week

Court filings could reveal what Trump wants to keep secret This week, Robert Mueller will spell out in court filings much of what he has learned from his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. His office is scheduled to file “sentencing memos” in the cas[...]

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Republicans don’t believe in democracy or respect elections.

It’s bad enough that Republicans enjoy unequal voting power in the Electoral College and U.S. Senate,* and obtain further electoral advantages from gerrymandering and vote suppression. But for them, that’s not enough. If the voters comprising the Not-Republicans majority can get over the[...]

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Trump in Argentina


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A Hannukah Kvetch