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Drive Carefully


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A Norwegian Response to Trumped Nationalism

nATO, EUKnut Robert Knutsen Europeans DO provide for their own damned defense AND they’ve come to the aid of the US when attacked. Literally. Under the NATO agrreements for mutual defense so far only invoked in support of the US.  The US wants power and influence on a global scale and the abi[...]

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FASHION: Ivanka Trump Announces Jared, New Line of Men’s Clothing

IVANKA TRUMP, Ltd, announces a new clothing line: JARED for real men! The corporate announcement was clear to say that all royalties from sales of the new brand will be donated to charities supporting the Veterans of The Syrian War.[...]

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Singins in Seattle’s Rain


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The Trump family demonstrates why America shuns hereditary rule

The Founding Fathers had a horror of this sort of thing. They were right[...]

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How to Make Our Schools Safe

ProTecht, a company in Oklahoma, has created yhe  Bodyguard Blanket to protect kids during  school shootings.  The blanket made from the same materials used in military and law enforcement body armor be carried at all times as a backpack. The Bodyguard comes with a price tag under $1,000.  Even [...]

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A Response to Jewish Bigotry Toward Fundamentalist Christians in the Era of Trump

BEN STEIN KVETCHES ABOUT BERNIE I am a Jew. All of my ancestors have been Jews since Judaism was founded almost 6,000 years ago on the belief of a monotheistic God. I pray in Hebrew every morning and every night. And I am deeply, cruelly, painfully embarrassed at my fellow Jew, Bernie Sanders, Senat[...]