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Obama Ages


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Trump’s doc spins the facts, Trump HAS coronary artery disease

At the end of the news conference about Trump’s health, Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and reporter for CNN, asked a question about an exam of Trump’s coronary arteries. READMORE in the NYT The Navy physician, Admiral  Ronny Jackson,  tried to spin the answer but the data shows that Trum[...]

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Table Etiquette


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MLK Day: Love


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THE AVE Challenge: What is it?


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Yep, Lets Admit the Best and Brightest, ESPECIALLY From Shithole countries.

WHY AMERICAN SCIENTISTS ARE SIX TIMES SMARTER THAN CHINESE SCIENTISTS!  Trump, leaving his racism, bigotry and illiteracy aside, may be right on one thing .. we should encourage immigration  from the top, the best, the folks who can continue to make America great!  My immigration bias  is based [...]

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Spreading on toast


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Why Does Architecture Work? Is it Our Brains?

This Is Your Brain on Architecture A new book explores the neuroscience of architecture, finding that many buildings and urban spaces fail the people who use them. CITYLAB.COM[...]

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Mar-a-Lago slapped with health violations

No wonder Trump eats at McDonalds and President Xi orders Chinese takeout. Those guys know better than to eat what Trump serves his paying guests. Read the story here.[...]