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Why is English Weird? Is it Sex?

Why is English so weirdly different from other languages? – John McWhorter | Aeon Essays No, English isn’t uniquely vibrant or mighty or adaptable. But it really is weirder than pretty much every other language AEON.CO|BY AEON[...]

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Do Billionaires Have Estate Sales?

Paul Allen is Dead.  The Paul Allen Institutions May Live On Allen’s real impact will not be felt until he is redefined as whatever institutions he created succeed the man himself.   What is Vulcan unless it is a money machine to fund Paul’s hobbies? Does Vulcan have any other vision? [...]

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies

Paul Allen died Monday in Seattle from complications of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a disease he battled for years. His family described him as “a remarkable individual, a much loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “he created magical pro[...]

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Defending free speech doesn’t make me an anti-Semite

A Facebook friend, “Ru Man” has gone full Trumpie, accusing me of being an antisemite  because I oppose Netanyahu and defend the free speech of academics who criticize Israel. For the record, 1. I oppose BDS. They are antisemtic. 2. As a Zionist, I despise Netanyahu.   The Netaynahu g[...]

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Trump reneges on ‘Pocahantas’ bet

DNA confirms Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry During the 2016 campaign, Trump offered to donate $1 million to her favorite charity if she took a DNA test and it confirmed she has Native American blood: On Monday, Warren released the results of a DNA test confirming she has Native Am[...]

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Elizabeth Warren: Family Legend was true ….

So Elizabeth’s Warren’s family legend was correct. She joins Barack Obama … in his case Ann Dunham, usually called his “white” mother was a descendant of the first African sold as a slave in colonial Virginia! A genetic analysis of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA shows he [...]

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DEFENDING FREE SPEECH FOR STUDENTS AND FOR FACULTY JUAN COLE     10/12/2018  Open Letter to the University of Michigan on Palestine  My colleague John Cheney-Lippold in the American Culture Department of the University of Michigan has been disciplined by the Colleges of Letters, Sciences an[...]

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Airbus Sends Jobs to America. Is Alabama part of America????

Reposted from Sept 14 2105 Airbus has announced that is now an an American firm. Following Boeing’s lead Airbus has overseased its new plant  to low wage, anti union Mobile, Alabama . The site at Mobile, Alabama is the result of a $600 million, (530 million euros), investment by Europe’s [...]

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A new age of sea power?

Le Monde Discusses Where WWIII will ignite! A new age of sea power?  by Alfred W. McCoy, 10 April 2018 Amid the intense coverage of Russian cyber-maneuvering and North Korean missile threats, another kind of great-power rivalry has been playing out quietly in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The U[...]