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January 12th, 2023 - 4:58 pm § in Politics, Racism, Republicans

DeSantis is pulling guns on black voters

Add Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who wants to be president, to the list of armed Republicans brandishing guns at polling places. In 2018, Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment that restored voting rights to felons who’ve completed their sentences, except those convicted of mur[...]

October 26th, 2022 - 12:25 pm § in Politics

Threatening letters, drop box vigilantes

Self-appointed vigilantes inspired by MAGA lies are staking out Arizona ballot drop boxes. Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer, himself a Republican election conspiracy theorist (details here), calls them “morons.” And now that he runs the county’s elections, he’s seeing [...]

September 16th, 2022 - 10:16 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

The voting machine wars

Voting machines have been breached by Trump loyalists in at least three states. In all these cases, they gained physical access to the machines and/or obtained confidential software and data. The consequences: “Sensitive voting system passwords posted online. Copies of confidential voting soft[...]

June 15th, 2022 - 11:06 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics

If GOP’s Arizona “audit” was a sham, its Wisconsin “audit” is a circus

If the Arizona GOP’s 2020 election “audit” was a sham, the Wisconsin GOP’s sham “audit” is a three-ring circus. Its star performer is Michael Gableman (bio here), a GOP political operative who served a single tumultuous term on Wisconsin’s supreme court. Gab[...]

June 2nd, 2022 - 11:40 pm § in America, Biden, Democrats, Donald Trump, Politics

The Hunter Biden laptop trail

The purported Hunter Biden laptop, and at least some of the salacious material on it, apparently are authentic, Mother Jones says (in a story here).┬áBut the Chinese connection alleged by Trump backers is fake. “The effort to publicize compromising emails, images, and videos from the device in[...]

May 19th, 2022 - 3:07 pm § in Politics, Racism

What a GOP governor will do to Pennsylvania elections

Doug Mastriano, who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, Trump rally (but not the Capitol riot following the rally) and is a persistent election denier, won the GOP nomination for Pennsylvania governor on Tuesday. Here’s what a commenter on predicted he’ll do if elected in Nov[...]

April 18th, 2022 - 2:25 pm § in Politics

How do you define a “fair election”?

Rioting, phoned death threats to election workers, and sham audits didn’t work, so now they want to run elections themselves. And they have their own ideas about what a “fair election” is. For example, in Ohio, former GOP legislator John Adams is running for secretary of state, the[...]

January 15th, 2022 - 10:19 pm § in America, Democrats, Politics

How Republicans plan to seize power

“Republicans” used to describe adherents of one of America’s two major political parties; but more recently, the term has come to denote a broad cultural movement with specific aims, characteristics, and implications — with quite a few tribal traits. For that reason, some peo[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 8:04 pm § in Biden, Democrats, Politics

Voting rights take center stage

President Biden is making a renewed push to get voting rights through Congress to protect the right of Americans to choose their leaders. But GOP obduracy and the Senate filibuster stand in the way. Biden finally endorsed changing the rule in a much-anticipated Georgia speech on Tuesday, January 11,[...]

October 30th, 2021 - 7:20 pm § in Politics, Schools & Colleges

University of Florida orders profs not to testify in voting rights case

The university’s explanation is they “were not authorized” to serve as witnesses and their testimony would “pose a conflict of interest to the executive branch of the State of Florida” and “create a conflict for the University of Florida.”┬áRead story here. [...]