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Repurpose Your Old Phone

What happens to old smart phones?   Can you trade them in?  Sell them? Rick Broida at c|net has some better ideas: 1. Keep it as a backup phone It’s a hard truth: Phones get lost, stolen and broken every day. I don’t know about you, but I’d be in pretty dire straits if something [...]

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Tesla’s Better Competitor

Fisker’s Tesla competitor has 400 mile range and charges in just 9 minutes Henrik Fisker is a bit of a legend in the automotive design world, so when he announced that he was working on an all-new electric vehicle that would both… BGR.COM[...]

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Israel Tech Reinvents Passover


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The AVE Challenge: Charmed

A software company just trademarked the term “charm.”  Which company was this? 1. Apple 2. General Magic 3. Electronic Arts 4. Microsoft 5. Oracle    [...]

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Will Silicon Valley Migrate to Vancouver?

In Silicon Valley, curbs on immigration could lead to a brain drain. Canada stands to benefit. Vancouver — just a two-hour flight from San Francisco — already has 75,000 tech jobs and one-third of its office space devoted to the industry. And with foreign-born tech workers worried their U.S. vis[...]

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Amazon Shares Fall

Amazon profit falls short, shares sink’s third-quarter profit and its current quarter forecast fell short of Wall Street estimates, sending shares down sharply. Alphabet says revenue up 20.2 percent, sets $7 billion share buyback[...]

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Microsoft: Nadella delivers on a dream that Jobs would envy.

This is awesome. Apple’s Meagre Response More Apple Defending its Laptops Microsoft’s product announcement this morning is amazing.  I do not have the words for it and urge you to watch or go over to the Microsoft store to see this.  Imagine a desktop that is also a computer. Imagine [...]

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Where is my Surface?

Last week I returned by Samsung NOTE 7 because of the recall.  This cost Samsung $3,000,000,000!  That is a lot of money! On the good side they paid me $100 to return my two day old phone. And, this made me look again at the other smart phones out there.  Looked at the new iPhone. […][...]