When the Navy Reminesces!

Travis Couture FACEBOOK Maybe only my Navy friends know what this is, it’s a piece of equipment I used to run (mostly fix) in the Navy. Any guesses?

Discussion: The Machine

Steve Sarich Capuccino machine?

 Travis Couture I wish lol
 Steve Sarich Looks like it would be tough to clean after each pot anyway.
 Julie Cromie Flux capacitor!

Tom Kiley Gaspowered turtleneck sweater

Casey Valley Rod control cabnet?

 Tegra ZB “Mainly fix”…that’s funny! Looks pretty old whatever it is
 Kenneth Louk Diesel control panel duh!
 Casey Valley If only I could read the gages
 Travis Couture LOL, nope.
 Casey Valley All control cabinets look the same from this distance. All assume Diesel, since a rod control cabnet probably isn’t on the Internet.
 Travis Couture Nope, nothing to do with the diesel
 Casey Valley What class of ship
 Stephen Goldsmith Clearly the aft cam sewage pump. Come on now guys.

Valerie Griffith My husband would have known! Lol

 Tom Kiley Been 17 years, so I cant remember which it is
Jon S Hurtley Cyber girlfriend?

James P. Morrison Jr. Snow cone maker

 John Brandmair Blow sans, vote Libertarian.


Tom Kiley So what was your rate in the navy?
 Patrick Biery Scrubber
 Timothy Garczynski Seriously…
 Patrick Biery ?haha idk wtf it is. I’ve been out of the navy over four years. I can’t remember everything.
 Tom Kiley I think Patrick mught be right. I was thinking a CO2 scrubber, COH2 burner or an O2 generator

Casey Valley O2 generator


Casey Valley Oxygen generator!!!

 Casey Valley Damn been a while since I saw one

Tom Kiley So, then Travis was an a-ganger?

Casey Valley Turd chaser
 Kenneth Louk Tank diver
 Casey Valley It’s only been a year and a half since I saw one lol
Casey Valley I was pretty glad I never had to play with these bombs

Stephen Karnes Quiet obviously one of the two EOGs that are present (but never functional) on Ohio class submarines

Casey Valley Can’t make O2 unless I give ya water from this

Casey Valley's photo.

Travis Couture Can’t run that if you can’t breathe lol

 Casey Valley They recover the submarine for the reactor/weapons not the people, so it’s moot.

Marc Knauss My surface Navy arse never saw that…lol! God bless the bubble heads, it takes a certain breed to live under water.

Brandt N Louisa 1943 time machine found in san diego naval housing garage sale in december 2015… louisa

Gary Sinclair Ahhh, the memories. Sweet home Alabama…..

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