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Being Unemployed While Academic in Sweden

Things are different in Sweden but even with good unemployment benefits and i a union to help employment its better if you belong to an a-kassa? A-kassa is voluntary unemployment insurance. Probably not. If pay that monthly fee for the security it gives you, here is what a Swediah a-kassa (an u[...]

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Castro on Tobacco

Fidel Castro: My Life: A Spoken Autobiography  “Well, everyone knows that historically we’ve been a tobacco producer for over 500 years; it was a product native to this island, cultivated and consumed here when Columbus arrived and ‘discovered’ us, and our tobacco. We can’t give it up[...]

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France: Moderate vs Communist vs Fascist

With one week to go, the French election pits the two extremes of the 20th century .. a communist and a fascistg ..against a moderate.  gainst all odds.  A communist soars in French election polls With less than two weeks before France’s presidential election, the meteoric and unexpected rise of[...]

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FRANCIS JACOBSON: Education Is Not Free

FRANCIS JACOBSON There is an idea floating around about free college education. I don’t favor this. I favor a German style segregation of students, but since American parents see their children as a refection on them I don’t see this happening. I say this based on personal experience. I [...]

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Republicans Need to Move to Denmark!


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Knut Robert Knutsen : What is “Democratic Socialism”

Knut Robert Knutsen  a Norwegian, posts on Facebook: Equal wealth really isn’t a part of Democratic Socialism (or Social Democrats in the Nordic Model) either, that’s the cartoon version of communism carried over. A basic safety net and equal opportunity is key and a lot of “welfa[...]

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Mr. Sanders Goes To Washington

By David Preston The Dems are in a real bind with Bernie Sanders. He’s not a Democrat; he’s a socialist. (Forget that Democratic Socialist nonsense. That’s just marketing.) So why are the Dems letting him run with their pack? –Because they’re afraid not to. If they’d [...]