Being Unemployed While Academic in Sweden

CLICKME for more on studying in Sweden: “Courses related to Sweden are popular, and most people want to learn a bit of Swedish,” says Ronald Trumpf Nordqvist, international coordinator at the university’s International Exchange Unit. Particularly well-attended courses include ‘Sweden, Society and Everyday Life’, ‘The Viking Age’ and ‘The Swedish Model’, which examines the Swedish economic and social model.  The experience of studying in Sweden comes as a pleasant surprise to many exchange students, according to Trumpf Nordqvist.

Things are different in Sweden but even with good unemployment benefits and i a union to help employment its better if you belong to an a-kassa?

A-kassa is voluntary unemployment insurance. Probably not. If pay that monthly fee for the security it gives you, here is what a Swediah a-kassa (an unemployment fund ) does:

Here are seven reasons why you should join today.


Members of an unemployment fund like Akademikernas a-kassacan receive up to 80 percent of their previous salaries, making the transition between jobs a whole lot smoother. Unlike car insurance, membership in an unemployment fund is actually really cheap! Akademikernas a-kassa charges just 100 kronor each month (about $12). The fund is not-for-profit and there’s no reason for them to charge members a fortune. Think about it – that’s less than the cost of a single meal out in Stockholm!


Some workers choose not to join unions due to political reasons. And politics can complicate things.

With Akademikernas a-kassa that’s a non-issue. The fund is completely independent and its sole purpose is to distribute benefits to the unemployed. The Swedish mentality  is rather different then the American attitude toward shared risk.  A Swedish newspaper I read says ” You might never lose your job. But what if your neighbour or best friend does? Swedish  -taxes may be high, sure, but everyone benefits so everyone is willing to contribute.

At the moment just 1 percent of the members in Akademikernas a-kassa are unemployed – but they’re supported by the other 99 percent, making the burden barely noticeable. And unemployment benefits from a fund are cheaper than state welfare from tax-payer money – so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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