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September 5th, 2022 - 4:59 pm § in Misc., Science

Study suggests “Little Engine” psychology works

It’s been a long time since children’s stories were read to me, in a previous millenium, before I turned into an old fossil. But those stories, which have a moral and are meant to teach you something, tend stick in your mind. A popular and enduring children’s story is “The Li[...]

July 12th, 2022 - 1:35 pm § in Misc.

Definition of sociopath

Dr. Martha Stout, author of “The Sociopath Next Door,” describes sociopaths as individuals who do not have a conscience, and says they’re about 4% of the population. She says, “It is not that this group fails to grasp the difference between good and bad. It is that the distinction fails [...]

April 18th, 2022 - 6:19 pm § in Humor, Misc., Politics

How to launch a conspiracy theory

Ask Peter McIndoe, 23, a former psychology student. He’s an expert on this. Not intentionally. After the 2016 election, which Trump won, there were protests. During the Women’s March, McIndoe saw “counterprotesters, who were older, bigger white men” who he felt “had no busi[...]

November 14th, 2021 - 7:10 pm § in Donald Trump

How “Blair Witch Project” explains Trumpism

The Blair Witch Project, which I haven’t seen, is a cultural phenomenon (details here). Simply put, it’s a horror-genre movie based on a fictional plot involving people who disappear. Now, a Seattle TV station helpfully uses the movie to explain the Trump phenomenon (read story here). Si[...]

August 5th, 2021 - 3:10 pm § in Politics

Republicans and mass delusions

Two-thirds of Republicans — representing about 27% to 29% of the total U.S. population — still cling to a belief that the 2020 election was “stolen,” according to a Yahoo News/You Gov poll published on Thursday, August 5, 2021. See story here. In addition, “Only 15 perc[...]

September 24th, 2017 - 3:27 am § in Religion

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A Finite Estimate of the Names for God

from the Secular Outpost Assume there are only four possible divine attributes: power knowledge freedom goodness Each of the above attributes can occur in four degrees: human superhuman perfect eternally perfect There can be 14 different combinations of acceptable degrees for each attribute: Four co[...]

December 27th, 2015 - 11:04 am § in Misc.


Interestingly, Bill Quick has posted on “Pathologival Lying” of FACEBOOK.  I wonder what a psychologist might say about this? Bill Quick Two interesting webpages: and 6 Subtle Characteristics of The Pathological Liar Brian Lary Have you e[...]

May 24th, 2015 - 10:08 pm § in Misc.

Explaining the difference between a full-blown asshole and a mere ass

No, really, this is important; don’t laugh, you’ve gotta read this article. This excerpt shows why: “What separates the asshole from the psychopath is that he engages in moral reasoning (he understands that people have rights; his entitlement simply leads him to believe his rights [...]

January 20th, 2014 - 4:54 am § in Misc.

Quantification 0f Sibling Rivalry

SIBLING VERBAL AB– USE, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, HOSTILITY, SOMATIZATION, LIMBIC SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION, AND PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS Majed A. Ashy, Ph.D. (HarvardUniversity); John Kim (BostonUniversity) Abstract The first crime committed in history according to the world major religions occurred among sibli[...]

December 6th, 2013 - 1:23 pm § in Misc.

Behavior: Skinner vs Freud

This topic came up because I was trying to explain Skinner’s views of family conflicts to a Freudian. If you know some Freud, try clicking the card, otherwise here is a good place to start.[...]